Williamson County judge indicted with felony firearms charges

Judge Tim Wright

The Judge sold seven guns to a known felon and aided and abetted an illegal smuggling operation. He conducted what is known as a straw sale, purchasing firearms for the express purpose of selling them to a third party who may not be lawfully able to buy the guns themselves. He turned himself into the Travis county federal courthouse on 4-8-15. He later plead not guilty

Chimps with Human rights?

The "Nonhuman Rights Group" is asking the supreme court to grant a particular chimp named Tommy person-hood and help other privately held chimps in the process. The goal of this lawsuit is to remove the chimp (and pave the way to free other chimps) from private hands and what the group is calling "imprisonment". The more abnormal aspect of this suit is that it is trying to include animals in the concept of habeas corpus which could limit the ability to possess a chimp. This lawsuit was denied in early December.

Another similar case was filed earlier this year in New York concerning two chimps, Hercules and Leo.
A writ of habeas corpus was granted to the two chimps on Monday April 20th by supreme court justice Barbara Jaffe.



Stacey and Randy Miller sued Randol Mill Pharmacy after being rendered blind by a drug given to her by a physician. She underwent several months of antioxidant treatments before she had a bad reaction and was hospitalized for several weeks which led to her eventual blindness. Stacey Miller failed to provide the defense with an expert report within 120 days of filing the suit because she did not believe the Medical Liability Act applied to physicians. The supreme court of Texas ruled that the Medical Liability Act did indeed apply and the case was therefore dismissed.


Connecticut Court ordered chemo

A 17 year old girl from Hartford, Conn. was forced to undergo chemo by the state. She initially refused despite the probability of dying without treatment and having an 85-90% chance of living with treatment. Her mother supported her right to decide even though this would lead to her daughter's death. Her recent scans show no signs of cancer. With an 85-90% chance of living and her mother pushing her not to get treatment, this could nearly have been a murder case. Anyone underage should have to get treated with such good chances to live. If she had only around a 25% chance to live with treatment, she could have chosen, but with such good odds, it is almost a form of suicide.


Southern Methodist University

SMU Honor Code

At SMU, no form of cheating (or other form of academic dishonesty) is acceptable and results in a hearing by the Honor Council which is comprised of 4 officers and 22 students and 5 faculty members

After declaration of guilt, the recommended minimum punishment is "an Honor Violation"(To be marked on the student's transcript) "and a deferred suspension from the University for the remainder of the student's academic career." Although the penalty can range from educational sanctions to expulsion from the school.

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