This is a picture of a pigglet- picture by Analu Rowe.

Pig families

Baby pigs are called piglets and the moms are called sows and a dad is called a boar. A whole group of pigs is called a herd. A mom pig can have up to 8-12 piglets in one litter. A mom pig can have 2 litters each year.Pigs can live for 9-15 years in age.

These are some piglets drinking water from a dish. Picture from Flickr!

What pigs eat!!!

What do pigs eat?

What pigs eat is Grains, Potatoes, Corn, grass oats and etc. Pigs are omnivores they eat all kinds of foods. They also eat meat not just grass and wheat. Pigs eat fish also nutritious for them. Pigs are prey to humans we eat pigs in bacon and other food. We are pigs number one predators.

Some people keep pigs as pets or on the farm. Picture by Tim Geers

Pigs kept as pets?

People keep pigs as pets because they think they are loving and harmless animals, especially when they are still little. But other people think they are nightmares to have as a pet because they are loud. Others just love the idea of having a pet pig to cuddle with and to play with. But some say they smell, they are loud, they are messy, hard to take care of, and FAT! Pigs are often kept on farms for making food with and other stuff. The pigs don't normally live long before they get killed and cooked. Or they are kept as pets and sold or bred and then sold. Or they just keep them until they die.

Pigs on a stroll! Just being cute!

Pig Facts!

> Pigs have small lungs compared to their size

> Pigs can pass many diseases to humans

> Pigs live nearly everywhere in the world

> Pigs are very intelligent

> Pigs are very social animals

> Pigs are peaceful and not very aggressive

where do pigs live

domestic Pigs live in lots of places all over the world. domestic Pigs live on every continent but Antarctica. Pigs live on farms also.

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