The Top 15 Best Campaign of the 21st century: BMW "The Hire"
By: Alec G

The Bmw campaign was launched because they wanted people to buy there cars that was shown in the video, and they wanted for people to see how good there car was when driving. The campaigns objective was to sell there cars that they were promoting in that campaign.

The car launched from the campaign.

Many people downloaded the campaign when it first came out.

In the BMW campaign when it was first launched "It was the first kind of branded content that people cared about enough to wait for possibly hours to download, then watched and asked their friends to do the same". In 2014 still many brands were still trying to copy the same campaign that they had.

This is an example in a portion of the clip how well the car was

Why did people download/watched the campaign?

When BMW launched their campaign "75% of BMW owners were already visiting BMW’s website and that 85% of car purchasers visited a maker’s website before heading to a showroom". Basically what this is saying is that it increased in sales in BMW's cars, and on there website.

This is BMW's website that there sales in cars increased when the campaign of "The Hire" came out.

Why was BMW so inspired to shoot this campaign?

"The original idea, an hour-long web video released in installments, originally struck David Carter, one of Fallon’s (Fallon is the producer) creative directors, while he was sitting at his kitchen table, watching a trailer for John Woo’s installment in the “Mission: Impossible” franchise online".

This is the movie "Mission Impossible" where they inspired BMW to do there campaign it was based off of this movie.

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2 years ago

This campaign is similar to the Nike + campaign because it showed what the product is capable of when pushed to its limits. This made the product seem more appealing because it was shown in use under extreme conditions. It was also heavily involved with a form of media: the Mission Impossible movie. It generated a lot of buzz because of this connection with media, which also connects it to many other campaigns that used the same idea. I love it! 👏👏