Little rock nine

The Little Rock nine are nine high schoolers from 1957. They wanted to go to a all white school near bye. The school was called Little Rock Central High.

In one word the little rock nine was really courageous, because nobody wanted them to go to central high but they still did.


How was the little rock nine thretened by white students?The little rock nine was thretend by many of the white students. The white students yelled at black to leave and some brought weapens. Many Knifes,guns, and wipes were found the first weak the nine started school. 

Who  decided to stop school segregation? In 1954 the U.S. Suprem court ruled school segregation was unconstitutional.

Why was the little rock nine not aloud to enter the school right away? Faubus  declared that integration was an impossibility on a televised statement and instructed the Arkansas National Guard to surround central high and keep all blacks out of the school.

How did school desegregation impact the over all civil rights movement? It started a foundtion where everyone could get along.

Elizabeth walking away from the mob.

Elizabeth Eckford one  of the little rock nine. One day showed up to school with out the other eight and was followed by a mob. But she said "As I walked on" meaning that the white can keep yelling but she will keep walking.

Fact & Opinion

Fact: Little rock nine did not enter the school the first day. Evidence: They were scared of the national guard. And no pictures were found of them at school the first day.

Opinion: School segregation was good. Evidence:I believe it is bad you cant prove it is good or bad.



Remember Little Rock, the Stories by Paul Robert Walker