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          Pirates of the Caribbean the curse                   of the black pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean, the curse of the black pearl is on a fantasy film. Directed by Gore Verbisnki, Rolo Marshall. The story about a curse of the black pearl thas was stolen and the adventures of Pirate Jack Sparrow and a black smith who recuse a cidnapped girl from the crew of the Black Pearl.

Johnny Deep pays Jack Sparrow, Geoffrey Rush plays Hector Barbosa, Orlando Bloom plays Will Turner, Keira Knightlet plays Elizabeth Swan. Penelope Cruz playsAngelina teach.

The music is Awfull

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3 years ago

La foto no corresponde!
Fijarse en errores: A fantasy film, no ON a fantasy film.
the story IS about .../THAT../KIDNAPPED.../
Falta el resto de las opiniones personales.