15 Words From Poems

Glossary- 15 terms from poems

Curd- A substance consisting of milk and often made into cheese.
Ingratitude-  The state of being ungrateful.
Folly- The state or quality of being foolish.
Feigning- To represent fictitiously.
Mere- Being nothing more nor better than.
Warp- To bend or twist out of shape
Queer- Strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint.
Downy- Fluffy, soft.
Lark- A small bird in the family of Alaudidae.
Wren- A small bird in the family of Troglodytidae.
Taut- Tightly drawn.
Spars- A stout pole.
Myriad-  A great number of persons or things.
Hastening- Swiftness of motion or speed.
Pampas Grass- Tall, ornamental grass native to South America.