Pioneer Missions

By: Micaiah Cox and Elisha Odums

Pioneer 6 is the oldest NASA spacecraft in existance. Succesfully pioneer 6 was launched 8 december 200 to commerate it 35 anniverary. pioneer 7 was launched on 17 August 1977s last tract March 31 1995. the spacecraft and one of the science instruments were still functioning . pioneer 8 was launched on 13 december 1967. It's primarily TWT failed several years ago, but on 22 august 1996 the spacecraft was commanded  to swicth to the backup TWT, and the downlink signal was re-acquired. The spacecraft and one of the science instuments were again functioning. pioneer 9 was launched on 8 November 1968.The spacecraft failed in 10 was launched on 2 March 1972 and pioneer 11 on 5 April 1973.The pioneer Venus orbiter spacecraft was launched on 20 may 1978.It orbited the planet Venus for 14 years until it entered the venus atmosphere on 8 october 1992 and burned up by entry heating.