The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen

edgar valladolid


Evolution is changes that the place in a species over time

. In The Gardener, evolution is important because .

A heterotroph is is an organisms that cannot fix carbon and uses organic carbon for growth . In The Gardener, they talk about hetertorophs because _____.

Photosynthesis is is a process used by plants and other organisms to cover light energy normally form the sun Photosynthesis is important in The Gardener because _____.

Autotrophs are is an organism that produces complex organic compounds from simple substances present in its sorroundind. Autotrophs are important in The Gardener because _____.

1 why does she wake up when the DVD passes that one part ?

that the story was the one that made her sleep

2 why does his mother keep secrets

she doesn't want him to know everything

an karner blue is an butterfly that is blue .Karner blue butterflies live in areas described as oak savannas and pine barren ecosystems. Very beautiful  color that is very light blue . They are endengered species .

the karner blue is important to the garden because it's there signal and its the company sign of trodyn .

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