-What happens if it is severe?

-Can you prevent yourself from getting hurt?

How Does a Tornado Form?

When warm, moist air and cold, dry air collide and then when the two air masses meet they make a strong wind. You can measure the wind speeds by using the Fujita scale(F0=40-73/F5=261-319) The average wind speed for a tornado is 112. A tornado forms from thunderstorms. The thunderstorms have the strong winds, so the different air masses come from different parts of the thunderstorm.

Historical Examples

1) April 18, 1880 in Marshfield, MO had 99 deaths. (No injuries were recorded) The damage had costed $11,000.

2) March 23, 1914 in Omaha, NE had 103 deaths (No injuries were recorded) The damage had costed $24,000.

Impact on Human Life

Can destroy homes. Materials needed to prevent from injury or death: reinforced concrete roof, thick walls, high-strength metal connectors.

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