7th Grade in a Nutshell
By Annika Markoff

Best Moments of 7th Grade

10). Lunch: After a long, hard half day at school, of course it was nice to sit down and talk with my friends. There were some days that I didn't stop laughing, or talking and discussing with my lunch left untouched. Lunch seperated my day into two parts: The first half was "we still have so much school left," and the second was "We're almost done!"

9). Radio Plays: Our group got off to a rocky start, but after a couple bumps in the road, it was so much fun! Our play was about pioneers landing on a new planet, but it was soon attacked and the radio play follows the discovery of the new home. It was fun to make up a seperate world and different characters, and was overall a great experience.

8). Outsiders' Day: Outsiders' day was our day to play games and dress up like the Outsiders in our novel. We dressed up as Greasers and Socs, either wearing jeans and rag clothing or fancy, put together outfits, and participated in numerous activities. One of them included cotton balls, and others had word games and kahoot. Overall, it was a  great experience and a fun way to finish up the novel!

Slightly blurry, but you can still tell the Socs and Greasers apart

7). Chuzzlewit's Puzzles: I loved the day Mr. Chuzzlewit (cough, cough, Mr. Kowalski) dressed up and showed us the challenges to "free our teacher". The puzzles were interesting and fun, and our team did pretty well. One of the challenges involved pipe cubes, which we had to crawl through in different ways, like linking our hands together or going in backwards. Another puzzle included completing word puzzles, and yet another included putting together a lego train, but with the catch of not being able to speak to our teammates.

"Pipe boxes"

6). Spring Break: My family took a trip to go skiing in Colorado, and I had so much fun! The trip was with family friends from North Carolina, and we spent 9 days on the slopes. Although I like schol, (somewhat), it was nice to take a break and relax. I had finished my homework, and I didn't have to worry about anything to do with school or work. It was beautiful in the mountains, and was a trip I'll never forget.

5.) SNOW DAYS: One of the best things to hear when a student wakes up is "Snow Day!" We had 7 snow days this year, due to freezing temperatures and too much snow. One of those days was  a blizzard bag, which is a day when we don't have school but have to do work at home. The work is due in two weeks, but it is a  pain and a damper on what would be a day of freedom! All the other days were worth it, and it was amazing to kick back and take a breather on a day with no school.

4). Cross Country: In the beginning, I hated running. I thought it was a waste of time and painful, but as the season went on, I grew to love it. The people in cross country were amazing, and the meets were fun and competitive. My favorite part about the sport was having finished the race, munching on bagels and donuts, and cheering everybody else on. I improved my times by four minutes in the 2 mile, and everybody was better at the end. At times, it was hard and discouraging, but it was worth it at the end. Cross country was an amazing experience.

3). Winter Break: Of course, any break from school is fun, but this winter was better than most. My mother was born and raised in Germany, and her parents still live there, but they came and visited for Christmas. My opa, or grandpa, used to be a chef, and always makes the most delicious foods. He starts the holdiay season by making tins and tins of cookies, lasting us from December to January, and he makes hundreds. Then, he also cooks Christmas Dinner, which for our family, means a 7 course dinner including desert, soups, duck, and classical german foods. Since, in Germany, Christmas is celebrated the 24th, my family opens presents Christmas eve instead of Christmas day. I love the smell of pine needles and cinnamon, and the ever constant music that shows that Christmas is near! Christmas has always been a special time for me, and I love that time of year.

2). Power of the Pen: Power of the Pen is the creative writing club I joined in the beginning of the year, and have loved it ever since! Our first competition was in January, where our team got 4th, and three seventh graders including myself and an eight grader placed. Regionals was in April, and two seventh graders, myself, and Aubrey Taylor, and an eighth grader, Christa Nieman, made it to states! At States, Christa and I didn't make it to the power round of writing, but Aubrey did which is an amazing accomplishment. Then at awards, Aubrey got 9th overall, which means she is 9th in the state! The tournament was an amazing experience, and I loved being there.

1). CAMP- #1 by far. The activities, the people, and even the food were amazing, and it was my favorite part about 7th grade. My favorite activity at Camp Mowana was the creek hike and pond study, where we caught tadpoles, leeches, spiders, nymphs, and even a turtle! I had so much fun at the week at camp, and I wish I could go back there again!

A Year with Mr. Kowalski

Uglies: One of my favorite activitiees was working on my Ugly face. It was great to take some time and just think of new ways to express the book, and then to draw them and to be creative. We had a poster of a girl, split in half, and we had to symbolize Tally on one side, and Shay on the other, showing how they grow and evolve. At the bottom, we had to write "Uglies" in letters made up of objects from the book. For example, for my "U" I did the heart pendant Tally was given to betray the Smoke. It was amazing to see everyone else's interpretations of the novel, and then to think of your own.

And Then There Were None: I loved the way we would cross out suspects as they died in the novel, and discussed who would die next and who was the murderer. Every time a "soldier" died, we would give a memorable speech and put a big, red, ominous "X" over the character's face on our board. As they died off, we started talking and presenting theories about who we thought was the killer, or who it wasn't, or who had faked their death and who we didn't like. It must have been so hard for the people that had known to keep in the secret, but (most) of them did a good job and I was unaware to as who it was. I was surprised when we found out, and it was an overall amazing experience.

Other Highlights of the Year

Social Studies: On the first day at school, I remarked to Dr. Bates wondering if he ever thought of the T.V. that hung above his head, and if he ever considered it falling. He smiled a little, and replied, "Why? Have you sabotaged it?" Ever since then, it has been a running joke between a couple of my friends, myself, and Dr. Bates that someday, we will rig the T.V. to drop. Of course, we have never actually considered it, but maybe some day a huge thud will be heard from classroom number 214......

Social Studies is sometimes interesting, though. This year, we learned about the ancient Romans, Greeks, and towards the end of the year, through the middle ages and the renaissance. Try to get the study guides and outlines done in class so you don't have to do them for homework!

One of Dr. Bates' favorite go-to historians: John Green

Study Hall: Study Hall. Supposed to be amazing, and a great way to relax, but don't be fooled. It's a prison in disguise, where you can't talk, or even breathe too loudly without getting in trouble. For 20, or even 40, minutes each day, it is the time to stare at the clock and wonder when school will be out. If you have nothing to do, they are 20 minutes of extreme boredom, of fiddling with the fraying tablecloth or playing silent games with your friends from across the room. You can't flip pages in a book without feeling self concious of the loud crackle it makes, or rummage through your supplies without being glared at. The whole room is tense until the study hall manager finally says that it's okay to go, when the everyone stampedes to get out. I had a study hall 17th mod, when the room is completely full and brimming with people, a maze of bookbags and chairs. When the bell rings to let us out, people are pushed and shoved because everyone wants to be the first one out. Chairs are left everywhere, and in order to reach the door, you have to push those out of the way too. On the rare occasion when I have paper work to do that's not online, it is a valuable time to work on it, but other than those days, the world could do without study halls.

Camp- Why Everyone Remembers It

Camp: My favorite part about 7th grade was getting to go to camp. There was so much there to make it memorable, but I especially liked camouflage games, the pond study, the creek hike, outdoor cooking, and the rock wall. It’s a long list, but I could add so much more! Camo games were fun because when you were wearing the camouflage, you felt like you could push past any bramble or bush without feeling it, and because sneaking around is fun in itself. The pond study and the creek hike went together, and we searched for critters and animals in the water. When we were wearing the waders, we could go into waist deep water and not get wet. Outdoor cooking was fun because, well, food! It was delicious and fun, and we were allowed as much as we could want. The rock wall was intimidating at first, looming high above our heads, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought originally. And the best part? Sliding down on the zipline at the end! It felt like you were flying, and it made the climb worth it. I loved camp!

In my group, one of the girls kept saying "shut up", and our councelor got sick of it. Bobbie, our councelor, told us that the only time we are allowed to say "shut up" is in the song, "shut up and dance with me". The song became our cabin theme, and instead of saying "shut up", we sing the song!

The Mod System

This year, we had a new system instead of periods: Mods. They're twenty minutes long, and we have 18, starting at 7:44 and ending at 2:25. Along with those changes, we also got shortened time in the halls, getting three minutes instead of four. The reason it changed to this was so that we could have an hour at both language arts and math, but some people don't! Also, because of strange gaps in our schedules, we are shoved into twenty minute study halls, where you can't get anything done. They're thinking of changing it this year, which means my grade will have 3 different systems in 3 years. Talk about confusing!

Yes, It Is Music

A lot of people say that dubstep isn't music....but they're wrong! Dubstep can make you want to get up and dance, or at the very least, nod your head like a lunatic. There are so many different types, going from heavy, hard core music to light songs with uplifting vocals. "Break them" Is a good combination, and a fun one to listen to!


Remember, when you think you have it hard, someone else has it harder

-Annika Markoff

Thanks to all my teachers for a great year!

Mr. Kowalski
Dr. Bates
Mr. Peterson
Mr. Klimkowski
Mr. Link
Mrs. Seitz/Mr. Timmons/ Mr. Gowdy

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