crystals e portfolio


all about me  my favorite thing to do is dance and i have 1 sister and 3 bothers  and i love spending time with them because they make me laugh and i have tow dog that i love so much and i have three best friends. and that is pretty much all about me and my favorite     things  to eat is strawberry and cantaloupe and peaches those are my favorite foods  and my favorite movie is the fault in are stars.


computers are vary out there they though me a lot of things here are some facts about computers the history of computers all started in 18,22 and Charles Babbage invited the vary first and that's how it all began then there was a man that was inviting a computer and his name was edsac was known as the first computer invited in store. and there was one more man that invited the apple computer and it was Steve jobs. and i became popular  and he also mad the I Phone and its popular.

word prosser

for the word prosser we did a spooky house and we yoused the this-ores to find out what we needed to fix and the things that we don't know the red line means spelling the blue is you yuesed the wrong word  and green grammar. and that's all about word that i Lerned.

excl spreed work sheet

on the excl spreed sheet is when we did a graph to learn how to find out what  the number that we had to find out what we need to pay for for the savers thrift shop and plot where the squares are  and we also Lerner to also plot the point's on the excl  part to and that.    

digital foot print.

this is your digital foot print and you leave it every time you go on line and yo can control it if you are aware about what and when you post things online because ti can hert others of in bares you self or people might take it the wrong way so make sheer you ex plane things.  

power point

power points are  things to help you do school projects and they all was have you do them at school well we yoused it to learn how to highlight things find out how to not use coolers with each others because they might not look the way you wont it and you all so can not use all of the movements and and pic you can not have a lot of pic on the same slide  because it might effect a lot of things and that's not good.

digital  citizen ship

digital citizen ship is like a public announcement is saying something to get people to stop doing what their doing that is bad like smoking drinking or cyberbully and all those things are super bade because that make ether you fell bad or people fell bad like people on the internet so all those people need to stop because its hurting then selves or others.



we use typing to teach us how to type wit out looking first we took a tipping test in the beginning then we took a another one and we should have gotten better then we did before and it was so cool to have a another one so that we can Se how mach that we have done in typing.

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