What Forces Motivate The Character?

By: Jazmine Bailey

Example one: Jocasta knew the truth about Oedipus and who he really was, but she never told him, then as he began to find out more and more she couldn't handle the guilt she killed herself. the example can be relevant to my psychological approach because it shows how even guilt can motivate somebody to make wrong choices.

Example two: Oedipus saw how his wife/mother killed herself so out of anger he took her brooch and gouged his eyes out. is motivation was because the only female he loved had killed herself and he couldn't come to terms with seeing someone he loved dead. Love is a force that can motivate characters because it can have them react to situations in a hard was.

Example one: Peter (the son) thought that what his father was doing was something a man does (when he was younger) as he got older he realized that the scars weren't cool and he began to feel different about his father. This is relevant to the psychological approach because a fathers behavior gives a young child to do things they do.

In the video it shows how because of hurt and frustration she is motivated to motivate somebody she loves,and tried to run away from her problems. It explains how a lot of things could motivate people to do the wrong thing , and try to run away from what they've done.

Example 1: In this film you will see how wanting to have power can motivate somebody to have bad actions . You'll see how Scar takes his own brothers life just to take his power from him, and become king. wanting to have what his brother had Scar doesn't help his brother up the cliff , sadly he lets him fall, and dies.

This picture explains how jealousy can motivate a person to act out in a horrifying way. Abel was known as what you can call the favorite out of these two brothers and Cain was known as the complete opposite. one day Cain attack his brother Abel and all out of jealousy and anger, sadly he killed him.

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