Arabian Peninsula

Austin Morris

Identifies the location of the Arabian Peninsula on Earth.

Describes the four environments of the Arabian Peninsula

Gives tips for adaptation in each environment of the Arabian Peninsula.

At least one visual for each environment of the Arabian Peninsula.

Hello fellow trader! I have an oppertunity for you and in the end I will pay you. I have these bags of wheat that need to be deliverd into the Arabian Peninsula. It is located in southwest asia. First we will go Through the dezert which is very hot and often above 120 degrees so you may want to wear light clothes. It is verry flat so it shouldn't be to hard. then we will pass through The Oases. There will be fresh water and vegitation. we will stop there for a wile to drink. You do not want to be thirsty in hot places. There will be tall hills of sand difficult to walk on. Next we enter the Coastal plains wich is flat and runs along side the sea. You may want too cool off in the water. Finaly we will reach our destination in the mountains. These mountains are huge and difficult to climb so you need to wear your best shoes... what is that... oh you don't want too go... I understand ...goodbye....You sir! over here! I have an oppertunity for you!

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