The Dictionary to end all Dictionaries

Michael Owens

Broaching- To mention or speak of something for the first time

  ex.  Ben always hated Broaching the subject of overspending on Octopus memorabilia to his wife.

Blasphemous-Speaking Blasphemy or profanity

  Ex: Brian is accused and tried for Blasphemous actions

Reproachfully- Accusing of Fault

  ex.  The mother cheetah reproachfully scolds her son for being a cheating cheetah who also robs banks and runs a cartel.

Aversion-a strong feeling of dislike

  ex.  Chad's baby had a strong aversion to Jar Jar Binks

Equipages- Carriages

   ex- Gandalf's Equipage was full of fireworks.

Entreat-To ask Earnestly

   ex-  The Mouse Entreated the Lion not to kill him and asked him instead to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and watch hockey.

Gaoler-A Jailor

  Ex-The Gaoler locked the cells.

Fidelity- Loyalty

  ex-Pablo's Fidelity to his master earned him a party.

Demur-To make objection

  ex- The prosecutor tried to present false evidence but the defense lawyer Demurred.

Acquiescence-Consent by silence or without argument

  Ex- Pete responded with acquiescence to his bosses orders.

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