Francesco Petrach

Rachel Beckman

Francesco Petrach was born on July 20th, 1304 in Arezzo. He was the first born of Italian Pietro di Parenzo di Garzo and Eletta Canigiani. He had one brother, Gherardo. Petrach studies law in Bologna. After his father died, he quit his studies and turned to studying the classics. He fell madly in love with Laura who he only saw once after mass on Good Friday. He ended writing hundreds of poems to her. Petrach's love for the classics grew stronger so he attempted to revive classical writings. So great were his writings that royalty treated him, the son of exiled nobles, like a king. On July 19th, 1374, the day before his 70th birthday, he was found slumped over dead with a pen in his hand and "Laura" in his heart. Petrach ended the dark ages and the start of Humanism. He wrote 366 poems. His writings influenced countless others during his lifetime.

This is Francesco's true love Laura de Noves.

This video lists some of his famous works.

Francesco Petrach's literature contributed to the Renaissance.

Humanism also contributed to the Renaissance.

Petrach had influenced many people including after his death. The sonnet form prestigiously employed by William Shakespeare, as well as the famous poet-lover dilemma that most of his sonnets regard, came to him from a gifted writer who lived centuries before, the Italian Francesco Petrach.

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