Should Video Games Be Used In School

          1.According to David Williamson Shaffer, assistant professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at University of Wisconsin, Madison,"Video games," he noted, "can help kids work with planning and problem-solving. Games that require players to search, negotiate, plan various approaches in order to advance to a new level, and implement strategies can help improve children's brain development. "

           2. According to Shaffer DW, Squire KR, Halverson R, Gee JP, "A 16-year-old in Korea playing Lineage [a medieval fantasy game] can become an international financier, trading raw materials, buying and selling goods in different parts of the virtual world, and speculating on currencies."



            3.According to Daniel Goldman at, “Learning should be fun. We should want to learn rather than be forced to learn. Our current method of teaching children however is very rarely fun...This is why using games in learning makes sense…. Learning a new game requires procedural memory and processing ability. Games require strategy and use of complex logical reasoning. Many also require counting and even more complicated mathematical reasoning. Games played in groups require building social skills.”'conversations/21893/should_games_be_us...

    4.According to,“Video games such as SimCity, for example, give people the mission to develop an entire city and maintain the well being of its citizens, while managing budgets. Through building properties, decorating homes and other activities, students get a basic comprehension of how to manage and handle finances. This is advantageous not only because it teaches students about strategy and finance—but video games may also foster an interest about a career in business or economics.”

         In the Unidentified, the classroom setting is a video game or virtual reality.  Students are encouraged to work hard at their game.  Students in the Unidentified earn a better score -- or grade the more or better they play. Video games encourage students to learn.

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