Exciting Sessions for OETC 2015

OETC will be offering an expanse of sessions during this year's conference, and here are a few you should be sure to check out!

Robotics and engineering in the classroom

Robotics and engineering are a great way to engage students in hands-on learning and problem solving. In this session, held from 2:00-5:00pm on Tuesday, you will learn how to engross you students in new, fun forms of learning with robotics!

Genius Hour Round Table

In this session, educators will explore what happens when you devote twenty percent of class time to allowing students to study things they are passionate about. Allowing students to follow their own interests can be a powerful way to encourage them to invest in their education. This session will be held from 12:00-1pm Wednesday in room C120.

The Secret Sauce for Blended Learning

What is the recipe for blended learning? How much of instruction time should be digital, and what is the right mixture of digital content to face-to-face content in a classroom? These are questions that will be explored in this session, which will be held in classroom E160 from 11:00-11:45am on Wednesday.

The Zoo to You: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Programs

Are you interested in bringing the elements of excitement and education from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium into the comfort of your classroom? In this session, you can learn about alternatives to field trips and e-learning provided by the Columbus Zoo. Check it out on Thursday from 8:00-8:45am in classroom D140.

Top Tips for Teaching Coding

Bringing coding into your classroom can be intimidating, but you will walk away from this session feeling confident. In this session, you will learn the top tips for teaching coding, and you won't be able to wait to share this valuable skill with a classroom full of eager students.  Top Tips for Teaching Coding will be held in classroom C123-126 from 11-11:45am on Thursday.

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