From this image I can infer that the monkey  is hungry because it is trying to catch termites.

Definition: Making an inference is making an educated guess using information from the text, image, video etc.

"Soon I find myself running, darting among the trees like a mad woman, unable to shake the terror that grips my heart. As my mind races, I decide to reverse my direction, exit the woods, and never look back." The inference I make is that the author is being chased by something horrible and won't stop running.

“You sound like her. Even look like her...” He seemed so calm, like I wasn’t a threat." From the text I can infer that the man knows the author from somewhere else or someone who looks like the author.

I can infer that the tiger is hunting something because it is pouncing.

"I hate Americans. I hate their language, their fashion sense,". Using the text, I can infer that the author is not American because they are speaking badly about them.