"Manhattan" TV Series

A TV drama based on the Manhattan project recently launched on WGN (and apparently Hulu Plus, as the image lends).  What's interesting about this series is that Los Alamos and the Manhattan Project were incredibly secret, but because we live in a society that constantly demands disposable entertainment, the intrigue of the Manhattan Project has refocused onto the fictional accounts of the types scientists who once lived there.

The task of the Manhattan Project was viewed by many to be an undertaking that should have never began. Its aim was nothing less than the creation of the most destructive weapon technology ever known. But now, long after the mystique and horror has waned, its legacy has been repurposed for the entertainment of our society. The moral responsibility for the technology's horrors, which was always present in the past, has faded.

Whether such a portrayal is good or bad, I leave to others to decide, but even if the series doesn't overtly offend, it does make me feel slightly uncomfortable

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3 years ago

I don't think that the moral responsibility has faded, but our culture has definitely spawned a much shorter attention span. When considered in the 140 character nature of a lot of peoples' thought processes, 6 and 9 August 1945 were long ago and far away. While the loss of life created by the work of the project is horrible, the work was needed. Nazi Germany was already in work on nuclear weapon research and the one thing worse than two nuclear powers in a standoff is one nuclear power holding the world hostage.