Youth Media Conglomerate
for Generation Y

Not Your Grandparents News Station


The purpose of Ymc  is to distribute political media to consumersin a simple fashion.  The content will cover current topics, long-term issues, and general information about how the American political system works.  The information will be delivered in a simple, convenient format, and in "layman's terms."

What Is It?

  • News source for media consumers who want to learn more about the political world, including current events, as well as how the system works
  • The target audience will be mainly the young adults of Generation Y, ages 18-25, who are new voters looking for information

How Will It Work?

Because the target audience is mainly the millennial generation, this medium will be mostly based in the virtual world.  This includes distributing, as well as marketing, information via social media, apps, mobile alerts, and an overarching website.  Breaking news will be delivered by mobile alerts and text messages.  The website, as well as the app, which will essentially be a mobile version of the site, will contain an overview of recent political news in the form of articles, videos, and podcasts.  This incorporates a visual component, and also allows consumers to access the information on the go, whenever they have a spare minute, which is crucial to gaining the target audience.  Why will this work?  Because we are catering specifically to Generation Y, by offering personalization of information received, as well as a source for non-biased media, we bring something new to the marketplace.  The company will also be very philanthropically focused, and the actions of the company will be made by a board of individuals who are very globally aware, which is something that is important to the target audience.

Hosts:  As mentioned earlier, podcasts and videos will be part of the information distributed.  These will be hosted by a variety of people spanning multiple demographics, so as to be representative of the target audience and thus attract a variety of people.  This includes males and females, all races, and both ends of the political spectrum.

All of the hosts must be knowledgeable in the field so they can explain things on a very basic level, yet not sound condescending.  Humor is also a positive trait, but not as necessary.

Outrage will be used, but any article, video, or podcast with heavy outrage content will be labeled as opinion.  The opinion category will also contain debates between opposing viewpoints.

The Bottom Line

Even the best business plan fails with out cash flow.  So the question is, how will all of this be funded? By advertising, of course! Because the target audience is young adults who want to become more educated, there are a variety of industries and companies who will be interested in advertising.  For technology based companies, such as cell services, hardware/device and software producers, and tech support companies, Ymc is the perfect advertising opportunity.  Educational institutions are also potential advertisers, as they are trying to reach young people who want to learn more, such as our target audience.  Finally, during campaign seasons, advertisements with Ymc will be at a premium because our target audience is largely composed of young, undecided voters, which is a crucial target of any political campaign.

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