French Revolution

                           A New Beggining

The wars helped changed the ways of France with new laws and rules

The French Revolution all started when the estates came into effect. The estates were used to help control the economic issues and to approve of his increase in taxes. Since they the voted by estates not delegates like they wanted, so they were always voted out 2-1. They made themselves the National Assembly so they were locked out of the parliament, but continued to meet in a tennis court. Because of that the king decided to bring in military force and stormed the Bastille. Napoleon Bonaparte was also a factor on this  because of his rule and military strategy. Napoleon became the leader of the French army because of his attack on a royalist uprising. He was defeated by the British in Egypt, but got back in time for France to proclaim himself emperor. He then changed the the laws,rights,economy, and education of the country. This was called the Napoleonic Code. It gave fair taxation, public schools and equal rights. The revolution was a time a change good and bad , but it had a new beginning.