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I live in Liberty Lake, WA. I have lived here for 10 years, and overall I have lived in the same neighborhood bacause when I moved, I only moved 14 houses away. I went to Liberty Lake Elementary school for 3rd and 4th grade, then I moved to Juneau, AK at the end of fourth grade. I lived in Alaska for 1 year, then I moved back in the summer of 2012. I have been back for almost three years now.

   Where I would like to travel to

If I had to choose one place to travel to in my life time, it would probably be Japan. I don't know why but it just stands out to me, it seems like a beautiful place to go. It looks like one of natures wonders. I may end up going to Japan one day because my cousins are stationed there right now. I would love it there because I love sushi!  

     What makes me the happiest

My favorite sport is soccer. I have been playing for 4 years. I try to get out and play as much as possible, and it makes me feel complete. I am so excited for spring because I can go out again and play soccer with my soccer buddies! I am also planning to try out for the CV soccer team. It is something I want to focus on all through high school.

             My greatest fear

My greatest fear is being stranded in open ocean with one of these! What scares me the most is the thought of not knowing when or where a shark is coming! I am not afraid of sharks, I am afraid of being in the water with one without the choice of getting out when you have had enough. On the other hand, I do love Shark Week!

            My greatest talent

My greatest talent is music, lots and lots of music. I play piano and I sing. I started singing when I was about 7 years old. I also started piano when I was 6, and I have been playing and singing ever since. Last year I was in choir, and when we did the play Mulan, I played Grandmother Fa. I have also been in 3 talent shows, which is really fun! I am also planning to do concert choir next year too.

  Where I see myself in 10 years

In 10 years I see myself as a musician. As you already know I love music, I want to have music always in my life. I want to be the kind of musician were I travel and perform, I haven't thought it out that much, but as long as I am performing I am happy.

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