Jerusalem, Istanbul and Melbourne

Brief History of Turkey, Israel and Australia


In the beginning Turkey was first by nomadic tribesman from the steppe. These people became the first Turks .Turkey has seen many civilization and empire rise and fall on it mountainous terrain. From as far back as the Hities, to the Ottomans. Such civilizations are the Hities, Persians, Alexanders the Greats Empire, the Selucid, Byzantines, Ottomans. All of these Empires considered Turkey to be the heart of their Empire.

After the foundation of Christianity, and the Romans adopted the religion as their state religion. Turkey became largely catholic, when the Seljuk Turks conquered Turkey(or known as Anatolia). The main religion changed to Islam. Both Christianity and Islam both call the city of Jerusalem their homes.

Eventually Byzantine(Byzantinum was an extension of the Roman empire in the east) grip on Turkey was broken by the revitalized armies of the Ottomans(previously the Seljuk turks). After 1000 years Byzantium fell and the Ottomans took power in the ancient capital of Constantinople, later to renamed Istanbul.

Istanbul lay at the cross roads of the world. Between Asia and Europe, the Mediterranean and the black sea. Most of the worlds trade at the time ran through the straits of Istanbul, and the merchants who passed through payed a tax to the ruler of the straits. Istanbul became a very rich place at its height it was the largest and richest city in Europe.

Ottoman rule continued on for another 400 hundred years. Until after World War 1, when the Ottomans backed the Germans. Who then lost the war two the allied nations, their empire was broken up. Some regions went to the French and English others were liberated and given their in-dependency. After 2000 thousand years Turkey was a free country, with a democratic government. Led by a man named Attaturk, he is considered to be the father of modern Turkey.     

A brief History of Israel

Israel gave birth to the three biggest religions ever, Judaism, Catholicism and Islam. These the three religions shaped this history beyond our imagination. The City of Jerusalem which is the capital of Israel, was founded in the first Millennium BCE. According to the bible the city was founded by King David, erusalem was one of the most important city in history.

The first great religion that began in Jerusalem was Judaism. Then CaJtholicism, which sprouted off the Jewish religion, then Islam. These three great religions fought fiercely over what they considered to be the center of their religion. The city was besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times and recaptured 44 times.  

Most of this caused by religion, the Crusades in which Catholic noble man and peasants alike sort redemption by mercifully murdering innocent people. But the Crusaders considered them to be the infidel. Jihad where the Muslims fought the Catholics and Greek Orthodox for control of the holy city, also murdering what they considered to be the infidel.

But in all of this the Jews remained peaceful, they bullied to such an extent that people to today would have no concept of. Tens of thousands of Jew were purged from the holy land, their homeland stolen from them. After thousands of years of Jerusalem, going through the hands of many Empires, like the Persians, Romans/Byzantines, Fatimid, Seljuk Turks, Ottomans, French all of these Empires once held Jerusalem.

It was only 1943 when the Israeli people declared themselves independent, as the age of colonialism ended. But even today the country is not at peace, it is plagued with fighting peoples wanting the city for the their religion. Today sadly Jihad is still a real thing, and most of the world today even Australia is battling to fight extremist.    

A brief history of Australia

Australia is one of the youngest countries in the world, only around two hundred years old. But Australian heritage stretches back to the first humans, depending on your on own heritage, Australia can go back to the battle of Hastings. It really depends on what you believe, whether you are Australian or that we are just settler's who settled in the land of the Aboriginals and remained most of the land in your honor. I guess it could be more properly explained by one sentence, the first British colonialist considered the land to be "Terra Nullius".

In 1798 the British landed in Botany bay or Sydney. They colonized the land and drove out the Aboriginals. Over the next 200 hundred years they explored, exploited and in a way tried to exterminate the Aboriginal way of life . The new Australia dug up the land and disrespected Aboriginal heritage for the land. They stole Aboriginal children from their homes and tried to convert them to the white way of life, in this process they destroyed many lives.

 Australia being has a close tire to Britain, we have the same head of state. Our cultures ar e allot similar. We have fought in many wars together, they have had our back as well as we had theirs.  Australia being a commonwealth nation, fought with Britain in many wars, in the First World War, Australia supported the British in the western front. Fighting alongside French and Americans, as well as our Commonwealth siblings.

After winning WW1 but at an appalling cost

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