by: kevin sabotin

A map of Slovenia and the surrounding countries.


        My country is connected to Croatia, Hungary, Austria, and Italy. The geography in Slovenia is a lot of mountains and caves. Slovenia is home to the Skocjan caves, one of the largest underground limestone cave networks in the world. Slovenia is also home to the Julian Alps. There are three major rivers, Sava, Drava, and Soca. Half of Slovenia is forested. These landforms impact the people because there isn't much flat ground to build on so builders have to remove a lot of trees and learn to build on hills.


         My country has a very unique society. The typical meal consist of meat, beef or chicken soup, green salad, and Apple, cherry, or cheese strudel with coffee. The most common religion is roman catholics. The language they speak is Slovene. Common jobs you would find in Slovenia is Technician, farmer, cop, and managing.


            In my country they use cars but some people prefer public transportation. Bycicles are also a popular way of transportation. Technology impacts the slovenes because its easy for them to find a way to get around to places.


          My countries is president Borut Pahor. They have a democratic republic type of government. This means all citizens 18 and older can vote for the president, who is head of state, and members of the national assembly. This government impacts people who live there because they are free to vote for anyone they want.


       My countries money system is Euros. it relates to the USA because one USA dollar is 0.72407 Euros. Slovenia trades mainly with Germany, Italy, Austria, Croatia, and France. The economy impacts people by letting them buy what they want from the trading Slovenia is doing.

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