coastal plains

The coastal plain is the place to be when it comes to history and fun. The costal plains are full of history with the oldest city's in Georgia.

Coastal Plains Tourist Attractions

The coastal plains has many neat and exciting features to visit such as

•Tybee Island

•Forsyth park

•Summer Waves Water Park

•Savannah and Savannah beach

Tybee Island

Tybee Island is a popular tourist attraction located in Chamatham, Georgia. Every year Tybee Island has an annual Beach Bum parade in witch at the end everyone squirts water guns at each other. If your considering going to Tybee Island you should stop by the Tybee Lighthouse. The Tybee Lighthouse was built in the year 1736 and is  one of the most photographed sites on the island standing at 154 feet tall.

Tybee Lighthouse

Forsyth park

The Forsyth park is a popular tourist attraction. It has some of the most beautiful things in it including a fountain that has become very popular. Every St.patricks day the people dye the water green, this attracts hundreds to thousands of visitors each year. Other activities include recreation areas, sun bathing, and trails.

Summer Waves Water Park

Summer Waves Water Park, on Jekyll island is a great place to visit no matter what your age is. The water park takes up a whole 11 acres of land. There are many fun activities to do here such as the frantic Atlantic wave pool, the pirates passage, nature's revenge, force three and many more.


Savannah ,Georgia is an amazing place to visit, you'll never get bored with the never ending activities. Savannah has beaches, lots of shops, many historic areas, and much much more. One very popular place in Savannah is River Street, witch is located right off the Savannah River. River Street is filled with exciting things such as candy shops, The Pirate House, honey shops,  bakery's, horse carriages, and many historic spots such as homes and cannons.

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