The Jewish Perspective

       Jewish Perspective on crusade, Mr.Burruel, March 25, 2014, by: Giancarlo Caballero

-The Significance of Jerusalem to the Jews

   Jerusalem was important to many religions back in the day and still is, one of these religions is the Jewish Religion. Jerusalem is seen important to the Jews due to there being the place where Bird Jesus was brought as a child, according to many stories, Bird Jesus healed people and preached for them in the Temple of Jerusalem. It's also important for being the place where the "Last Supper" was held, also where his burial and resurrection had happened.

-The Cause of the Crusade from the Jewish Perspective

   The Jews were seen as a lesser threat, but many were still massacred. The Jews believed that the crusaders were against them because of many reasons. The Jewish believed that the Christians thought of them as "Infidels" and that's why they massacred them, the Christians thought they were the only "Pure" religion in association with God. The Jewish also believed that the First Crusade was also called upon on to banish the Jews from Jerusalem, due to the Christians believing they were unworthy or non-believers. In the 8th century, the Christians and the Byzantine were persecuting the Jews on a debate about Icons of religion, the Jews also believed they were also attacked due to that argument/debate.

-The Impact of the Crusade on the Jews

   When the Jewish were first attacked by the Christians in the First Crusade, the population of Jews subsided and most Jews had to scatter communties all over the Mediterranian and most of all of Europe. Due to this, the Christians ignored them and thought of them as a small threat for their small numbers. Until the Jewish sided with the Muslims, and most of them were massacred.

  -The Jewish thought on other groups

    The Jewish believed that the Christians, Muslims, and Byzantine were equal to them in every way, they wished peace in between. Shortly after the First Crusade, many Jews believed the Christians were superior to them due to the effect of it on all of the Jewish. While others still believed in forgiveness, and believed all of the groups/religions were equal. They also saw the other groups as equal because all of them believed in God, just like the Jewish do. They believed that the other groups were sons of God and that they were all equal and non was superior than the other.

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