ISO 9001

We often hear the word 'ISO certified company' and we wonder that what it is and how it is going to help a business. Now, we will try to understand what certification is all about and how business is highly benefit from it. Let's start from scratch, this certification is issued to a company to indicate that the services and products offered by a company are of utmost quality. An ISO certification also proves that a company is fulfilling all its responsibility towards its stakeholders, workers and environment.

International Organization for Standardization is responsible for issuing the different types of international management standards certification including ISO 22000, ISO 9001 etc. It is not a government body and it only acts as a bridge between private and public organizations to ensure the quality of services that a company claim across wide range of industries. Today, over 165 countries all over the world are the active member of this with its headquarter based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Among the different standards issued by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 9001 certification is highly popular. This certification verifies that the company has an excellent management system and thus ensure this to their potential customers. Not only this, if a company has ISO 9001 certification, it also ensures to its suppliers that it is following all the standard quality management system.

Benefits of ISO 9001
Today, customers have become smart and they often look for an ISO 9001 certified company to buy any products or avail any services. This significantly helps an certified company to acquire more business than just an ordinary company. According to a survey done by the British Assessment Bureau, business of certified companies have increased by 44% as compared to non-certified companies. Another research firm from America has recently claimed that a US automotive company with ISO 9001 certification has significantly generated higher business than a non certified company. In addition to financial benefits, it also provides great benefit to its stakeholder as it certifies that the company is following all the international quality standards.

How to get an ISO 9001 certification?
Getting an ISO certification is not a complex process at all as it looks. You can find a number of ISO 9001 certification bodies locally in your city that can ensure you to get one by ease. Absolute Quality Certification (AQC) make a deal in ISO 9001 certification bodies at very affordable price.

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