Hurricane Andrew  

  • Hurricane  Andrew happened in 1992.  
  • 65 people died in in Hurricane Andrew.
  • 445 got injured
  • 21 billion dollars were spent to repair everything
  • Hurricane Andrew hit in Florida
Hurricane Andrew was in Miami Florida

Galveston storm

  • 6000 to 12000 people died
  • 30 to 700 million dollars
  • over 10000 got injured
  • Galveston Storm went into Texas

Impact on Human Life

Now we know that what is coming.  We know whats coming because we have TV's to watch the news.  If not we have radio's to listen to the news.  Also a lot of people have storm detectors to know if a storm is near by.     

How does a hurricane form?

  • Hurricanes only form over 80 degrees ocean water.
  • Also a warm front and a cold front needs to be going the same way wind
  • Wind speed 31-155 and over
  • Hurricanes gather heat and energies through contact with warm ocean waters.
  • Evaporation from the seawater increases their power.
  • Warm air rises from the ocean. Cold air rushes in to replace it that creates wind. The spinning earth makes the wind spin around and around.
  • Most are about 300 miles wide and some are 1000 miles across.
  • It makes enormous waves at sea
  • Cumeles clouds are in a huricanes


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