Money Word Problem$

Ms. McKay's 2nd Grade Class
December 1st, 2014


We have spent a few days learning how to count money and today we are going to take our knowledge of counting money a little further.  Today, we are going to learn how to solve word problems that involve money.

Let's Review...

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Try $ome Review Practice...

On your answer sheet, write down the ten answers to the review practice problems in the chart below at the top of your answer sheet.

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An Intro To Word Problems...

Answer the questions on the front side of your answer sheet while you follow along with the instructional video.  Make sure to show your work when necessary.

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Here's $ome Word Problems Practice...

With the remaining time you have today, check out these games online to get extra practice with counting money: Dolphin Dash and Dolphin Feed.

What did you learn?

Let us discuss what we learned in today's lesson about money word problems.

Don't Forget the Exit $lip!

Before you leave for lunch today, I want you to solve these six word problems on the image below and write the answers on the back of your answer sheet and hand it to me on your way out the door.

To $um It Up...

Today, we reviewed some important things we need to remember when counting money.  And now that we are great at counting money, we can solve word problems using money.  We will continue to learn different types of ways to count money tomorrow, but you are all done with today's math lesson! Great work! Have a good lunch and when you get back we get to have reading time!

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