My Exploration Proposal

A letter to the king....

  Dear King Henry IV of France, I come from Madrid, Spain. I have requested an opportunity to travel across the mighty Atlantic Ocean. I have decided to departure from France around the year 1590. I shall mark my arrival in early 1610's, arriving near the Northwest part of  America. In addition, I will hunt for only the richest furs and claim land that has not yet been discovered in order to bring France's economy to rise. As I journey to the Americas, I may encounter a conflict such as meeting a territorial person from another country including Spain, other parts of France, and England. In a such case, I do, I will offer a solution in order to pass their territory. To add, these countries could be looking for trade or worse case, the same materials and goods we desire. Fortunately, they will be traveling to different parts of Northern America, resulting in different natural and capitol resources being found and created. Aside from the other explorers, if I reach out to search for furs and land, it is possible that the goods may not be present. In such case, I shall trade with the Native Americans and other Europeans for a substitute material or good in order to still earn a fair share of the economy for France. In finale, I decide to thank you very much for your lovely time and incredible patience.

      This is a map of my exploration route across the Atlantic Ocean. I will leave from the west shores of France, and then arrive to the northwestern part of America. Along my way, I will need materials such as a sturdy, large ship, many packs of food to survive for at least about six months, liquids such as water, and then wood or any other material to use as a source of protection against harsh weather conditions.


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