Creating TACKK-(a webpage)

created by: Laura Howard; workshop 7/27/15

Each little icon creates a section to input text, photos, ....

Photos: can search from TACKK search bar or open another tab and search from the web. Once you select the pictures you want, click on the view image box to see larger image. Click on url, copy, go back to TACKK tab and paste in "from url" box. Click on import from web, and the picture will be transferred.

Can upload posted videos, but can't post a video that's not posted somewhere. Can upload videos made in their phone. Can upload movie videos that they make.

Audio, pandora is blocked, but spotify isn't.

Button, can customize a little button with a link. bottom comments- people have to have an account to post

Options on rt hand side, can make private or public

tackboards, can put in a tag name to separate classes, assignments,(saisdtech) classroom

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