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End of School News
AIG Program K-5

Summer Vacation 2015 is here!

Grace Level AIG HAPPENINGS....

K-2 Nurturing was a success!  Below is an overview of how the program worked this year, and an idea of what the lessons included.   

Primary Education Thinking Skills (PETS) is a systematic enrichment thinking skills program for K-3 students. Its purpose was to help primary aged students develop higher level thinking skills. PETS follows the taxonomy of thinking skills outlined by Benjamin Bloom, presenting lessons in analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
Students were introduced to Dudley the Detective - Deductive Logic, Yolanda the Yarnspinner - Creative Thinking, Isabel the Inventor - Inventive Thinking, Max the Magician - Mental Manipulation of Shapes, Sybil the Scientist - Analytic Thinking, and Jordan the Judge - Evaluative Thinking. Each character introduces a higher level thinking skill used in his or her job. Each character guides students through a story and a series of activities to introduce and reinforce their type of thinking.

3-5 Classes

We have accomplished so much this year, and in so many aspects of learning. Students have practiced higher-level thinking activities during Socratic seminars, literature circles, project-based learning (all grade levels), and interact units (learning through experience).   Students have learned about the Gold Rush, Super Heroes, The Decade's, Math Quest, The Civil Rights, LOTS of vocabulary, and more!  

Mathletes will continue next year for all students achieving 97% or higher on a standardized test.  


If you are interested in organizing and assisting with a CHESS CLUB COMMITTEE please let me know.  Chess is a desirable club, but it is going to take a committee to organize and maintain a school wide club.  All ideas are encouraged and welcomed!

Study Hall

This year students were given the opportunity to attend Study Hall every Thursday from 12-2pm as long as they had permission from their teachers.  Many students took this opportunity to study for upcoming tests/quizzes, work on a project, or simply enjoy the quiet atmosphere and read.  

AIG Folders

If you would like, you may donate the AIG folder back to the classroom and I will reuse them next year for the upcoming 3rd graders (white folders).  Current 3rd and 4th grade students, if you give me your folder then I can save it for next year.  :)  

Good luck graduates!

Summer Reading Enrichment

Sound to Sea 2015

Busy Children

Here's a few ideas and ways to keep your gifted child busy this summer!  First, create a plan - gifted children like to know what to expect and what's happening NEXT.  Sit down with your child and create a list of adventures for the summer.  Then, design a weekly schedule or have your child create the schedule or even a WEBPAGE. :)  Summer Adventures from the ______ Family!  

* Start a BLOG.

* Make Videos - Animoto, Video Star, Slide Show, You Tube

* Create a Miniature Tree House out of items found in nature!

* Start a (book, sports, etc) club with your friends, and create a schedule to meet and practice.  

*Design a summer party or party for any season.  Plan the entire event all the way down to the supplies, and cost.  Create an invitation, too!

*Write a list of Summer Field Trip and/or Summer Projects ideas for your family.

Talent Search Programs

North Carolina Camps

Local History Fair 2015

3rd Graders Caroline, Tyler, and Isabella experience the excitement of their first Local History Fair.

Once again the student have given 100% and more to their local history research and/or service learning projects!   They took such pride in their work, and it's rewarding to see them smile with confidence!  The Wrightsville Beach Museum visited us and requested a couple of projects for display in the museum!  

Ella Johnson presents her 1st Local History Fair Project on Mount Lebanon Cemetery.

WBS AIG Parent Advisory (WAPA)

If you would like to be a part of the AIG Parent Advisory Group, please email Mrs. Kochakji.   Meetings are held once a month on Friday mornings.  

Have a WONDERFUL Summer!