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Ebola Screening at Airports Will Increase, Obama says


President Obama announced that the virus known as Ebola has spread to Dallas, Texas and he wishes to increase detection at U.S. airports for the virus. Obama describes this event as a top national security priority. He is now asking to be assisted in fighting Ebola in with other countries in west Africa. President Obama not only wants Ebola to be stopped in America, but also diminished in other regions of the world.

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It is well known that Ebola is an extremely deadly virus which is why it is a great opportunity to only stop the virus from infiltrating America, but to also try and eliminate the terrible disease altogether. This act will also improve Obama's legacy as president. The lack of democracy is related to this story because the public doesn't get to decide airport regulations and new policies for the Ebola virus. However, it is necessary because it's an important decision that should not be not taken lightly and not within the peoples choice because it should be handled by professionals. (The CDC and Obama's enforcement)

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