Tech Tools in the Classroom

Señora Lyle- Español 1

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español! This year we will be using lots of exciting tools and technology to enhance the learning experience in the classroom. Your child will become an expert on using these tools and will be able to carry them along as they continue in their education and foreign language learning experiences. These tools will not only enhance your child's learning but they will also provide meaningful opportunities for your child to communicate and collaborate with peers.

There are three resources that your child will use regularly in this course.

The first resource to be used in this class is Schoology. This site can be accessed at from any computer or cell phone with Internet access. Schoology has many uses but a few we will be using in particular include disseminating important course information like upcoming assignments or tests, providing grade information to students and you, the parents, and for organizing coursework. All students will have account and even parents can access information about the course and student grades. Students, parents, and teachers will have a way to communicate through this site.

The second resource is Glogster. Glogster can be accessed at Glogster allows users to create a digital poster. This poster can include photos, video clips, audio files and information. Your child will be using this collaboratively with other students in the class to organize information they learn and will have opportunities to share their knowledge with peers.

A third resource students will use is Prezi. provides an exciting way to present information to audience. Users have an array of layouts and effects to add to presentations that break away from the old ways of Microsoft's PowerPoint. Students will be able to work collaboratively with others and communicate information to other users of Prezi and their classmates.

I look forward to working with you and your child this year to help them develop their communication and collaborative skills through this course and through use of these excellent resources.

                                                                                                      -Señora Jessica Z. H. Lyle

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