Looking For A Presidential Candidate!

Inu M.     9/30/2014     Civics     Period 1

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-Over 35 years of age.

-Must be a citizen of the United States for the past 14 years.

-Must be a natural-born citizen.


-Must be a natural leader.

-Must be knowledgeable about US history, geography, and politics.

-Good organization and multitasking skills.


-Be an articulate speaker

-Have good self-presentation skills

-Able to travel rapidly without issues


Must have been a:



-Leader in any gov't or political job


-Full healthcare and dental plans

-Great pension

-Able to live in the White House

-A competent, swift, and utterly impenetrable defense system of guards

Fun Facts!

-There's a walk-in bathtub in the White House due to President Taft getting stuck in the previous one!

-President Franklin D. Roosevelt had an indoor swimming pool built and had it covered up by the press room!