expressing your life through picture's


*click* I just took a picture of the largest roller coaster in Canada after riding it, Now i'm able to share my amazing experience with my friends and family. How? With the great creation of Instagram. Instagram allows me to share pictures with my friends and family through a digital device.  Is this a positive influence on my life and the lives around me? Yes of course!  Instagram is a fast and easy way to communicate with family or friends that may live or be vacationing in another part of the world. Keep reading and i will share with you a few way's how instagram affects all our lives positively, and a few opinions from the media and a few acquaintance's.

Here is an example of how instagram is a fast and easy way to communicate with friends and family. This is called DM. DM is an application on instagram where you can directly send a picture to a specific person with the option of sending it too the maximum of 15 people. This is very convenient because instead of mailing a picture which could take up to 4 weeks (one month) around holidays. Or emailing a picture which could be complicated for the person you are emailing. This person could have difficulties receiving the picture due to what device they have. You can simply send them any picture or video within seconds.

Instagram is a fast and easy way to share great pictures with friends and family and comment on other people's picture's so let them know how your doing or to find out how they're doing.



Does the name Daniel Arnold sound familier to you? It does to me. Daniel Arnold is a man that lived off toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner, until he came up with the brilliant idea of using instagram to his benefit by selling his photos on instagram for 150$ a piece for 24 hours. By the end of he made about $15k. This is an example of how people can use instagram to their benefit. His brilliant idea propably saved him from going homeless because he was un able to pay rent for next month, and insatrgam was right there to help him out. This also gave Daniel confidence in himself and the pictures he takes because of how many he sold.

Have you ever heard of t.v shows like Pretty Little Liars or store's like Brandy Melville? Well instagram also gives them an opportunity to promote their business. Making their own page for the world to see is a great promoting idea because now that the world is technology based, making these accounts can let almost anybody know when a episode is on or when a sale is coming up. Again insatgram is helping another account positively. If these example's of business' didn't have instagram they could be losing hundreds of consumer's which would affect them negatively because of course their losing viewers or buyers!    


  One great thing about instagram is the ability to make your self private. Which means before someone follow's you and can see all your photo's you have to accept their request. This elimenate's all the people that may not be following your for the right and appropriate reason's. Another thing you can do to make your account more happy and safe is you can block people. If someone is posting un pleasant or rude  comments you can block them which mean's they can no longer see your post's and bother you with instagram.


Instagram affects my life and everyone's life around me positively in a way that for most people instagram can be there own scrapbook with pictures that represent a special time in your life. For example if your family just adopted a puppy you can easily upload a picture with a caption of "just got a puppy " Now you have added another picture to your page to capture another stage in your life. Your scrapbook can be commemorating a new beginning or end to a stage in your life. Or you could simply just be showing your follower's that your having a good time with friends. The great thing is people around get to see and enjoy this new stage in your life with you.

Here are two pictures that are on my instagram page to commemorate 2 special moments in my life. The first one being when my hockey team come first in our hockey tournement and the second being when I had the chance to meet one of my favourite hockey players, Tyler Bozak.


As i talked with kids from my street i started to relise a pattern of answers. They all seem to think that instagram does affect them in a positive way because they thought without instagram in their lives, it would be harder to communicate with people in their life. Another said that when he scrolls through his instagram feed he gets to see people's happy emotions and what has been happening in their life the past week or month.  My neighbour thought that instagram give's him confidence with the charming and delightful comments people are leaving. If someone is posting a rude comment he can easily block this person which is definitely a positive thing for insatgram and it's users.



In many way's is instagram a positive influence on people's lives, including mine. Weather it's promoting a business or connecting with friends or family. Many people look at instagram only on a negative side because of how people promote it as being something that is only used for "selfies" or bullying but they're wrong, they're blinded by what other's think and can't see all the good it does to the world.

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