Jayden Epp

Italy flag

Italy was far from being a sucess before 1914 because of the strain of world war one. But in 1919 things were about to change. Benito Mussolini was the founder of the Fascist Party in Italy. Mussolini was born in 1886 in North Central Italy. Fascism was a movement that considered the nation more important than the individual. Mussolini and the Fascist militia known as the Blackshirts threatened to march on Rome in 1922. This was the first Fascist take over. Italy needed law and order so the people looked to Mussolini for the answer on October 1922. Mussolini appeared to be a great example of fascist strength compared to other democrats in Europe. Benito Mussolini remained in power until July 1943. Schools were closely monitored in the 1920s. teachers had to wear uniforms, new textbooks were also written to glorify the fascist system. Children were taught to criticize teachers who seemed to lack enthusiasm for the party. Children and young people were forced to join the government youth organizations which indoctrinated them with the brilliance of the glories of war.

1920s map of Italy
Benito Mussolini

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