Xbox Live Membership – Is It Possible To Get It For Free?

When you think of the online gaming world, there can be no name that enjoys a more iconic status amongst players and game designers alike than the Xbox. Ever since this product was launched in the market by Microsoft, this gaming console has won millions of hearts, both young and old, all across the world. The device and its concept of portable gaming has become an industry standard now with app designers and game developers now coming up with creations that are specifically meant for playing on this console. You can very well understand the level of popularity and revere that the Xbox enjoys in the market.

The next wave of popularity came when Microsoft launched the concept of Xbox Live Gold Membership. Having it meant unlimited access to the best games in the Xbox world and even a chance to try your hands on the newest versions. Game developers release new levels and trial versions of games for the sole benefit of Gold members. And then there is the fact that Xbox Live Gold Membership allows you to play against other Gold members. Trying your hands and skills against the best players in the world is a privilege you will surely love to have.

There are many ways in which you can get access to Xbox Live Gold Membership. It is available at a very nominal annual membership fee. But in case you are looking for the membership for free, there are many ways available on the internet for getting access to all the features of Xbox Live Gold Membership without having to spend a single penny. These ways have evolved much over the years and have become more and more reliable, solving various problems of online gamers.

Getting the free Xbox live gold membership in the older times used to mean signing up on some websites that would offer such membership free of charge. Many types of sellers and service providers offered this freebie as this service attracted much traffic to their websites. The thing about getting such membership is that you have to look long and hard to get such sites and even then the continuance of such sites is under question. There have been instances where such sites have gone off air all of a sudden, leaving gamers quite in the lurch. Just imagine being in the middle of a game and having to log off just because the site conked off on you.

But times have changed and many new websites have now come up that are ready to offer free Xbox Live gold membership in a reliable and more trustworthy format. To get free Xbox live gold membership, you can take advantage of some of the newer websites where you have to log in and play a game, after you register on the rewards micro site. No viruses or malwares attached to the action either! This is as safe as things can get for you.

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