Don't Hide!

 Don't hide! For your safety, and other's, you should use anonymous usernames, and your friends should, too! But using your anonymity to make bad choices online can hurt your account and others' accounts, and you can also get suspended and banned from sites because of hurting others with your actions. It's not nice, and you and others can be hurt from your bad actions. People on Facebook are posting bad photos, but, they are also posting bad photos of other people.

  Also, some people on other social media sites are hiding behind fake usernames and posting bad stuff, which isn't right! You should follow this guideline to be positive online, and to be respectful. You should also follow this guideline because hiding behind your username can make other people feel bad about themselves, and it can make you feel bad about yourself, too.

Remember, don't hide behind fake usernames and accounts for your safety, and others'!  

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