African lion

by Cole Harris

what does Garfield, Simba, Richard Parker, and Alex the lion all have in common? all of these names aren't people, they are famous cats! Today we are going to talk about the king of the jungle, the ultimate African lion!!!!! In this wild adventure with the African lion we will talk about many things. Its unusual diet, strange habitat, conservation, and a description on this amazing creature.


A lion is an amazing creature it has light brown fur weighs 300 to 500 lbs. can have up to 6 cubs 41/2 to 61/2 ft. long.


Lions eat a lot they eat zebras, wildebeests, fish, even porcupines. Lions eat fish for nutrients. Lions will eat wildebeests for protein. They eat zebras for energy. They eat porcupines when they can’t catch other food.


Lions live in a variety of habitats. They live in grassy plains, savannas, open woodlands, and thick bushes. They live in grassy plains to hide from prey. They live in open woodlands for shade. They live in savannas to camouflage. They live in thick bushes to protect their young.


Lions are currently critically endangered, endangered, climate change, males eating first. Lions are critically endangered because other animals are eating it. Lions are endangered because they are losing their habitat. Climate change, males eating first females and cubs eating last.


Hope you learned so much!!! so when you get an assignment on the African lion you can just look at mine to get some facts.

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