Edmodo as a MOOC

MOOC is a massive open online course.  This can be done with Edmodo but in a safer learning environment.

You can join my Edmodo group on Excel at https://edmo.do/j/bpzyrs .group code ktqsuk

Teachers can create a MOOC by using backwards design model in Edmodo. The first assignment that I posted on my Excel Edmodo group was the final project.  Students complete three rounds of golf and using an excel document to place scores and then using formulas in excel to find average, sum, min, and max score. I then placed quizzes and activities to support this activity. At the top of the Edmodo group I placed a quiz from Edmodo to see what students know before starting.

The first assignment, post, quiz, or poll that you put in an Edmodo group will be the last in the feed on the Edmodo group. Students can then join this group to complete the tasks of learning about Excel.  

Benefits of using this type of group are students can work at their own pace. Students can also see their progress as they complete the assignments as they move down the feed in the Edmodo group. Teachers can help students that might be struggling to grasp a concept and provide that 1 to 1 instruction. Teachers can also create multiple groups for different concepts and reuse the groups over and over again. This can help with recreating groups over and over again. I think this would also help with eliminating the so many post in a group from a year or semester of a class. My students really enjoyed moving from one to another group. One student stated, " I conquered that ".

Creating small groups under your main group would also keep the MOOC more organized. I can see a main group with small groups for computer content. Example would be Mr. Lewis class as main group. A small group MOOC as power point and another one as excel and another one as digital safety and another small group as word.