Non Tradition Care day

Which Career Will You Explore?

Computer Programmer

One non-traditional career is a role that's preformed by a male or female. That is when a female does a male role and a male does a female role. One non-traditional career i like is the computer programmer career for females. In the US the highest wedge is $60.00 per hour. The lowest wedge is $21.23 per hour for a poor worker. The median of this role or wedge gets $37.03 per hour. The education you needed is from the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program to get the Bachelor degree,to be successful.Includes web development,project management,or information security.I love to do graphic designs on a computer you could make anything with a computer and a 3-D printer.The talents you need to preform/do the job is memory,typing skills and information about hard drives. I choose this career because I enjoy what the assignments are of the graphic designer or web development its a awesome way to big bucks of the job of which level you are. #explorecareers6

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