Nep...tune Into Rome's Top Trending Religious Practices

By: Evelina West

Pictured is a Roman temple.

ANCIENT ROME- Many Romans are bowing down to the gods in worship. Join them as they worship the many deities that they love and respect.

As it is commonly known, Romans exist to serve the gods. Their good relations with the gods lead to the nation's success. To form such ties with the immortals, the head male of the house has the dutiful responsibility of managing the family's rituals.

Outside of the home, many elaborate temples adorn the streets Rome, allowing direct sacrifice and prayer to the gods. These shrines honor gods, as well as demigods and spirits. A Roman priest reminded citizens, "Everyone is expected to offer sacrifices to the important gods such as Jupiter, Neptune, and Juno."

Just a reminder, don't forget to honor the god of the afterlife, Pluto. If a loved one dies, be sure to bury their body appropriately so they don't haunt the family home.

Notice: A part of the body must be buried if  cremation is to be performed.



Barbus was out hunting for his family when the gods decided to grant him his death. This boy, age 16, was creeping up behind a wolf, when it turned on him. His hunting partner, Augustus Octaiv heard his cries, and ran to his friend. While Barbus was being mauled by the wild dog, Octaiv drew his arrow and took aim at the wolf. Octaiv released the arrow, but Barbus rolled over, and was impaled by the arrow. Octaiv mentioned, "I was trying to shoot the dog. Cato rolled over, unfortunately." We will honor his death tomorrow morning. If any professional mourners would like a job, please contact the Barbus family.

Octaiv identified this as the killer-wolf. If sighted, please kill immediately. The Barbus family would like to offer it to Pluto so their son can have safe passage through the underworld.


The aristocratic family of Calibri had a daughter six months ago. She was recently stolen by Pluto due to a deadly disease. The child will be buried on the Appian Way in two days time. Her father, Cassius, reminds us, "No one in the lower class will be permitted to attend. The Appian Way is a burial site for only aristocrats. I will not have my daughters death tainted by peasants." Professional mourners will be hunted down and forced to work tomorrow morning.

Map of Rome.

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Cato Barbus' obituary inspired by part of Suzzane Collin's "The Hunger Games".