Agents of Socialization


Family is the personally the biggest agent of socialization for me. In my pictures above, I have my sisters Trinity (30) and Liberty (18) back in June, right before my sister had her baby. I come from a very big, very loud family. They are very important to me and they have taught me manners as well as being able to hold my own which is where the video clip comes in. The song in the video is Gun Powder and Lead by Miranda Lambert and it is all about being strong and independent. My parents have played a huge role in guiding my morals and opinions. Lastly, I have posted a picture of my niece, Leilani and my nephews Jayden and Javon. She has played a role in my socialization by teaching me responsibility and to appreciate the little things in my life.

Peer Groups

The second biggest agent of socialization would be Peer Groups. The biggest influence being my boyfriend, Jared. I base some of my decisions off of his opinions, like what to wear or what to do after school and things such as that. The other two pictures and the video are from my church which is the next biggest factor in Peer Group Socializing. Many of my views on the world, after life, and morals come from my church. I spend every Wednesday and Sunday at First Baptist and much more of my spare time going on missions and traveling or doing other activities with my Youth Group.

Mass Media

Ever since I can remember I have been on social media websites. It has allowed me to connect with my family over in England as well as stay in contact with family around the states. Another factor has been television, especially as a kid. My mom baby sat as I was growing up so cartoons were always on such as Teletubbies, The Bearstine  Bears, Barney, and The Big Comfy Couch. All of these shows taught me how to count, how to make friends and that it's okay to be different.


Lastly, as much as it may pain me to say, school has taught me a lot about socialization. Since elementary Personally, I have the most memories from elementary school. This was the place I was taught right from wrong and how to individualize myself. Middle school was a blur and then High School is teaching me a lot as well. High school is preparing me for what is to come in my life, important social skills like dealing with drama and solving problems quickly and efficiently. All of these agents of socialization have positively formed me into the young lady that I am today.

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