The Romeo & Juliet Story

Mercutio - was stabbed and killed by Tybalt that was trying to kill Romeo in the fight and not him.

Tybalt -  was stabbed and killed by Romeo for revenge killing Mercutio in the fight.

Romeo - took a small bottle of poison when he thought that Juliet was dead and she wasn't.

Juliet - stabbed herself when she saw Romeo die in her arms.

I think its both love and lust because they fell in love at first sight when they saw at Capulet party and they kissed and wanted to get married because they were so in love. I think true love at first sight is real if you find and see that right person for you. I all so think that it is a lust to because when they first did it it felt like they had a great connection already so it felt natural.

Everybody go and watch Romeo + Juliet movie made in 1996 it a very good movie.

The Romeo and Juliet story is two young people one a Capulet and the other a Montague that fall in love at first site. They meet at a Capulet party they found out that they're crews were fighting each other and they were not to be together and they didn't care and still wanted to be together. Romeo and Juliet had they're first kiss at the Capulet party. Romeo and Juliet ran off to get married when her parents wanted her to get married to Paris. Her father told her to either marry Paris or get out of his house. She wanted to be with Romeo so she took medicine so that people think she is dead just to be with Romeo. They were supposed to live happily ever after but when Romeo thought Juliet was dead he went to buy some poison because the man didn't tell Romeo that Juliet was not dead so he went to she her in the tomb he saw her there and took the medicine when she was waking up. Juliet wanted to die with her love so she stabbed herself.

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