1/28/15    My feeling survey

                Who else's agree?

         I strongly agree with being loyal to my family is so much important.Becouse if loyalty to family had trumped loyalty to country, which we all need. Primarily each of us lives in family,with his/her brother and sister,under care and protection of his/her parents and elders. Since we get a lot from family,we are primarily bound by the family bond and our families must be holy. Loyalty to one's family is something more certain and immediate.Forexample one day afternoon one of my friend was going home from school.There  was a heavy rain outside,when she went home the door was locked and she doesn't have a key ...after an hour she came to my house and knocked the door.when I saw her all clothes she wears was wet ...I asked her how? And she told me that her parents don't believe her so that she doesn't have a key . And I asked her why they don't believe her?.she said because one day she took her moms gold bracelet and she sold it,starting from that day they not believe her.                  

        I'm also agree with everyone should follow the law.Becouse if we don't follow the law crimes become expanded.and everything will messed up .For example if we went to the store and by things you have to get in to the line to pay for it. They all have to get in to line but if not it's Like crowded and everyone try to get first so that there might be arguments .so that people get upset to each other and some may fight.

       Power corrupts those who have it. Yes it does! Becouse leadership at its core,is all about power in and influence. Leader use their power to get things done. The two powers which is socialized and personalized are not commonly absolute. A leader can use his or her power to benefits others, but can also gain personally. Forexample on animal farm story the pigs(napoleon) and the other pigs finaly changes all the laws one by one and they started to walk on two legs like human. And all animals was so ungry with what  they did.