Pay Art Forward

Mopey Moe

The 7th-grade art classes at Monticello Middle School created these beautiful pieces of art for you to enjoy, record their locations, and then Pay-Art-Forward!

To participate, please add a comment where you found the art, along with what it was like to discover it! Once you've commented, then Pay-Art-Forward by placing it out in public, randomly, for someone else to discover. Be creative! Thank you for participating... enjoy the art!

Sincerely, Monticello Middle School 7th Grade Art Class

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7 months ago

I created this piece to show the world the detail of art, such as sadness or misery. I figured I would make a mopey face because everything good in the world must come to an end, but after, another good thing will come along; in other words, after a door closes, another one will open. I hope my clay face will inspire someone to open their eyes to the beauty of the world and embrace all the good and bad things the world has to offer.