Math in a Minute: Technology Edition

Volume 3 Issue 18

Here are some ideas about how to integrate technology with math!  Check with your iTeam member or math coach if you would like more information about these!


  • Get answers from a multiple choice assessment
  • Match definitions to vocabulary
  • Get a quick check during discussions
  • Survey the class if they agree or disagree with a statement

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  • Create virtual ports for learners to use
  • Revamp menus
  • Learners create their own study guide
  • Flip lessons

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  • Collaborate to share various strategies to answer a problem
  • Have learners show each other how to solve problems

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Shadow Puppet Edu

  • Create a presentation explaining their thinking process
  • Create a presentation to explain specific vocabulary and examples
  • Explain how they counted money using a 100s chart

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Padlet Board

  • Show various examples of how to make a certain amount of money
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Share shapes of real world objects
  • Use to share Knows and Need to Knows

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Infuse Learning

  • Make discussions more interactive
  • Sort topics that the learners feel they need to discuss more
  • Share answers to problems
  • Type the decimal equivalence to a fraction
  • Type an equivalent fraction

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