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Melissa Doles
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This is a free site that can be accessed not only by the teacher but also the students.

This can be used on Android, Apple, and on the website.

This site is an excellent site for teachers who need to incorporate an interactive way to review the material that has been presented in the lesson. It is very easy to create and use in the classroom. I was extremely surprised by how easy it was to set up the quiz. Once you are on the site you follow step by step instructions to make the quiz. It can be used across the curriculum and with any subject. The teacher simply enters the test question and then gives four possible answers. It is key that the teacher does put the correct answer and mark it as the correct answer. Once the quiz is completed the teacher can simply save the quiz and let the fun review begin. I love the fact that it is interactive and allows the students to put their technology to good use. Many of my students are always asking for a game to review the material before the test. I have found that it is hard and time consuming to complete a review game. However, after using this site, I have learned that review games are something that I will be able to use a great deal more now. Students can use a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet to participate in the game. Kahoot allows every student the opportunity to answer the question. It also motivates the students to study so that they will be ready to win on review day. The key of any good review game is to help the student prepare for the test on the material from the lesson. Kahoot appears to be a way to allow the students to have a little fun and master the material at the same time. I will be using this tool in my classroom to encourage and motivate my students to prepare for tests. One of my favorite parts of the tool is that it is interactive and that I can use in a variety of different subjects. This is a tool that teachers should know about and should incorporate into their classroom.


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1. I would use this tool to create review games to check for mastery of the subject that I have taught during the lesson.
2. Once students have taken the quiz in class, I can use this information and data and focus on the items that need to be covered to be sure the students all reach mastery level.
3. I believe that one of the greatest uses of this tool would be to present a review and help students gain mastery of Vocabulary.


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