World War 1

The war in the trenches.

Soldiers from World War 1 fighting in Trench Warfare

Why did world war 1 start?

Gavilro Princip from Great Britain assassinated the Grand Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austro-Hungary so Austro-Hungary was angered at Great Britain for assassinating their ruler so they started war with The United Kingdom and then France helped the United Kingdom and then more and more countries helped The United Kingdom and Germany helped Austro-Hungary and then more countries helped Austro-Hungary.  So then WWI was a war in all of Europe but then countries from all around the world started fighting for who they thought was right and then that became world war I.

This is the Grand Archduke of Austro-Hungary, Franz Ferdinand

What countries were allies?

Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria were against France, Belgium, Russia, The United Kingdom and later the United States

this is a map of who is against who in world war 1, The countries that are red are a team and the countries that are blue are against them

About how much people died in world war 1?

About 16.5 million people died in world war 1. about 20 million people were wounded in world war 1 and about 9.7 million people in the military died in world war 1.

These are the graves of the soldiers who died in World War 1

Who won World War 1?

in 1918, France, The United Kingdom, Belgium, Russia, and the United states defeated Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria to win World War 1.

French soldiers celebrating their victory in World War 1

How long did World War 1 last for?

World war 1 lasted for 4 years.  Th war started in 1914 and ended in 1918.  The war may not have been considered very long but The war still killed many people.

How does World War I affect us to this day? What lesson did this war teach us?

World War 1 Built battlefields that are still here today.   This war destroyed empires and cities and built new empires or cities.  The lesson that world war 1 taught us was to not start a war like this ever again because World War 1 killed about 16.5 million people in all and it wounded 20 million people.

Where was World War I fought around?

world war 1 was fought around the United Kingdom, France, Germany, And Austro-Hungary, mostly eastern Europe

This is where World war 1 was fought around.

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